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Parrot chicks,Ostrich chicks and 100% Fresh Eggs

( Aviary is a Bonafide well established
Ostrich and Parrot farm with more than 28 years of experience in
Ostrich and Parrot farming and products including their
by-products.Our activities include the production and export of major
branded products such as Ostrich chicks,Fertile Ostrich eggs,Ostrich
shell,feathers and Ostrich Leather.Secondly we have the best Grade A
chicks of parrots such as
-African Greys
-Blue & Gold macaw,
-Scarlets macaw,
-Greenwings macaw,
-Hahns macaw parrots
-Military macaw parrots
-Hyacinth Macaw parrots
-M/F Red Sided Electus
-Senegals parrots
-Moluccan and Amazon Parrots.
-Parrot Fertile eggs.
-Ostrich Chicks
-Ostrich eggs
We also have a stock of Fresh hand selected and candle tested and
proven fertile parrot eggs for export.All our Parrot and Ostrich eggs
are tested to make sure they have up till 98% probability of Hatching
healthy chicks.To place order you can contact us on email address ( )or skype ( island. aviary ).Then you can
go to our website to see our available products and to place your
order at ( )

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jméno alphagroup103(at)
South Australia, Australia
0427 671 760
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