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Macaw and other parrots for sale

We sell exotic birds Greys while on bottle feedings, and baby Greys parrots that are fully weaned. We also sell proven breeding pairs, so you can experience the ultimate joy of breeding your own baby exotic birds. We help you and walk you through it every step of the way. Were always here for you and to answer any and all questions you may have. A closed aviary means that we do not allow visitors into our aviaries. We cannot risk any germs or diseases from the outside world. (This way we can guarantee our birds excellent health) Please don't take this wrong, but everyone has germs on the soles of their shoes, on their hands, clothes, etc. We have one day old chicks here, that are too young to be immune, the babies can become sick extremely fast and die. Therefore this is our home and we must keep the baby birds safe and free of germs until they are ready to go to their new adoptive homes.

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